Thursday, September 1, 2011

will nature will beat US into submission?

many of us on the east coast of the US continue to clean up after last weekend's buffeting by hurricane irene, and now another storm brews in the gulf of mexico:

U.S. Gulf coast should watch for possible storm-NHC | Reuters: "(Reuters) - A low-pressure system pushing northwest through the Gulf of Mexico has a strong chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next two days and threatening U.S. states on northern coast of the gulf, the National Hurricane Center said on Thursday.

The system, now over the central part of the gulf, already has prompted some major international oil companies to evacuate workers from offshore oil platforms.

The Miami-based hurricane center said the low pressure area was producing a large area of clouds, thunderstorms and gusty winds as it headed slowly to the northwest.

"This system has a high chance ... 70 percent ... of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours ... Interests along the entire northern Gulf of Mexico coast should monitor the progress of this disturbance," the NHC said."
we americans persist in our prideful arrogance, convinced that short-term we can ignore the consequences of our profligate lifestyles. we continue to consume and pollute and foul our own nests in pursuit of our own petty indulgence.

so nature will continue to beat on the continent from the east, west, south and north -- as well as from the sky and underground. there's a wakeup call going on here, but no one's listening to it yet.

they will... but then what?

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