Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the business of death on the block?

even the investing class is staring in the face of potential big cuts in the warmaking budget if the Rs and the Ds can't come to some kind of agreement on the budget that avoids the automatic cuts mandated in the bill that broke the debt ceiling impasse. in the business press -- which is an adjunct to business itself -- we find the typical warning of curtailed profits, dressed as degraded military "readiness". how terribly inconvenient for those used to unlimited budgets, when faced with the prospect of "swallowing" cuts that amount to a whopping < 1% of total outlays!
Harsh new realities for the military industrial complex - Fortune Features: "The industry is bracing for the worst, and it's responding by shifting its focus to foreign markets and high-tech automated weapon systems. Such moves will serve as a stopgap measure for now, but the budget shortfall could result in even deeper cuts in the near future. Any such cuts will most likely fall disproportionately on the military contractors, potentially compromising the nation's military readiness.
You know things have gotten bad in Washington when the defense budget goes on the chopping block. The budget deal reached between both parties this summer forced the military to swallow $350 billion in cuts over the next decade. The cuts, which will go into effect in fiscal 2012, lower the annual military budget by around $35 billion to $50 billion a year – or around 6% to 8% of the military's $570 billion projected budget for fiscal 2013."
yeah, that's harsh, baby, killer! how will they stand it? grandma can just go fuck herself, because the investor class just can't stand the uncertainty of the hit their portfolio might have to take if the pentagon can't have all these gee-whiz, megadeath weapons systems!

the lesson here is, the people with clout, the people whose voice is heard with perfect clarity in DC are girding for one hell of a fight -- something more fierce than even our warriors are used to fighting. but this isn't against some mortal enemy of our country, but more so a threat to the way of life our millionaires and billionaires are accustomed to! a billion in cuts here, a billion in cuts there, and after a while those vacation homes, yachts and swiss bank accounts start to look a little shaky.

the prescription is being written to take the patient off life support, and excise the tumor that's killing the patient: social security, medicare and medicaid. these superfluous and wasteful government giveaways are sapping our nation's strength and vitality, and the sooner we can take the money that would be spent on them and use it to deal death to the developing world, while we steal their resources, the sooner the USA we all know and love will be back on its feet and ready to manifest its destiny into the coming decades!

fuckin' A!

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