Thursday, September 29, 2011

frontier justice for american hijacker?

The FBI captured George Wright, a convicted killer and fugitive airline hijacker who had been on the run for 41 years.

the FBI's fugitive task force nabbed this george wright dude in portugal the other day, and they're trying to extradite him. as usual, the infotainment media zero in on the victim's family in order to ratchet up the outrage factor -- killer and hijacker living on the lam for 40 years!!!
Fugitive hijacker socialized with U.S. officials - CBS News: "Ann Patterson, whose father Walter was killed by Wright in a 1962 gas station robbery in New Jersey, was surprised to learn that Wright lived in plain sight and managed to remain undetected in Guinea-Bissau using his real name.

"He just got away with everything. He was very adept at what he did. This is unreal," she said Thursday."
yes, the poor white american victim once again demands justice. he got away with everything -- they always do, don't they?

i have no opinion on wright's innocence or guilt, but i do wonder about the chances a black man had to get a fair trial in new jersey in 1962. georgia just executed a man the other week whose guilt was far from certain, and we're a much more advanced society in every way that matters now than we were back in the US apartheid days.

for most of the folks in TV land, that mugshot of the perp is enough right there to find him guilty. the 'off with his head' crowd has never had much patience with justice getting in the way of law and order...

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