Saturday, September 10, 2011

US plays turks for chumps in rift with zionists

it's gotten so predictable to watch the US flexing its muscle on behalf of the international bad boy, israel, that the american public hardly takes note of the deteriorating situation vis a vis
turkey. like the situation in egypt, while US-backed military dictatorships set the tenor of their nations' relationship with the zionists, now popular opinion and the will of the people demands to be heard:
US Urges Turkey, Israel to Ease Tensions | Europe | English: "The United States is mounting a diplomatic effort to prevent further deterioration in relations between U.S. allies Turkey and Israel. Turkey warns it would use force in the future to protect aid ships from Turkey trying to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

The Obama administration has been seeking for some time ease Israeli-Turkish tensions but it is stepping up the effort, amid Turkish comments suggesting the political conflict could escalate into a military clash.

Relations between Turkey and Israel, once strategic allies, have gone downhill since May of last year when Israeli commandos boarded a Turkish ship trying to deliver relief supplies to Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Nine people, eight Turks and a Turkish-born U.S. citizen, were killed in the operation."
when the turkish government decided to escort any future aid convoy to gaza with its warships, this was the most resolute, kiss-my-ass response yet in the escalating conflict between these two erstwhile friends. israel could once count on turkey to be the one muslim nation it could call a reliable friend, but no longer.

the high-handed and intransigent israeli government of netanyahu and the likud has poisoned the relationship, and risks further isolation as it continues its campaign against the legitimate rights of the palestinians.

it's your own fault, guys...

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