Wednesday, September 7, 2011

IHOP Shooting: murder, mayhem, but no terrorism

a guy walks into a restaurant with an AK-47 and proceeds to empty the clip into a table full of national guardsmen before putting a slug into his brain. yet this incident gets broken down by the corporate media thus:

IHOP Shooting: Third National Guardsman Dies - ABC News: "Police are now trying to determine whether the man specifically targeted the group of National Guard personnel eating breakfast in the restaurant. Of the 12 people shot in the rampage, five were National Guard members who were sitting together, all in uniform, in the back of the restaurant. Two of the service members -- a man and a woman -- were reported dead earlier on Tuesday.

Carson City resident Eduardo Sencion, who worked in nearby Tahoe and had no criminal history, entered the restaurant with an AK-47 and began shooting, then ended it by shooting himself in the head.

FBI special agent Mike West says there's no indication that terrorism is connected to the deadly shooting spree."
there is no indication that terrorism is connected, huh? the message here is that some guy with a hispanic surname can't be a dreaded "terrorist" -- since only muslims are considered capable of what our corporate security state has deemed the T-word.

no word on what sencion's motive was, but it doesn't matter, since the media will treat it as a generic killing spree unless it meets the requirements for escalation to the level of existential struggle between the forces of good and evil.

did you see the story about how some members of congress are now pushing to have anyone accused of "terrorism" tried under military "justice"... it's just a matter of time, though: once the definition of terrorist is expanded outside the muslim parameter, we'll see many a dissenter twisting in the wind -- someday.

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