Friday, September 9, 2011

How wired serves the corporate security state

it wasn't enough that their paid stooge was a key player in the crucifixion of bradley manning, now wired mag is playing its part in the apotheosis of stanley mcchrystal in its obligatory paean to 9-11's "finest":
How Special Ops Copied al-Qaida to Kill It | Danger Room | "One of the greatest ironies of the 9/11 Era: while politicians, generals and journalists lined up to denounce al-Qaida as a brutal band of fanatics, one commander thought its organizational structure was kind of brilliant. He set to work rebuilding an obscure military entity into a lethal, agile, secretive and highly networked command — essentially, the U.S.’ very own al-Qaida. It became the most potent weapon the U.S. has against another terrorist attack."
how's that for a big up to the people who have their hands up the asses of every flag-waving american? it makes being a wage slave and debt peon seem almost like a privilege!

whatever else al-qaida might have been, it was certainly no match for the trillion-dollar baby that the security state assembled to go up against it. in fact, it almost makes no sense for the oligarchs to create such an awesome machine unless its purpose was vastly greater than the purported war against a rag-tag volunteer militia in the world's most wretchedly backwards locale.

no, my friends. wired's not-so-subtle message is, submit or die in a global shadow war where the government passes a death sentence against its opponents with no due process, and no questions asked.

you got it?

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