Saturday, September 10, 2011

US responds to 9-11 terror threat

Wanted: Jude Kenan Mohammad is on the FBI list
spawn of bin laden

these terrorists are so clever, and yet oh-so-dumb. despite the electronic dragnet of the NSA on every phone and electronic message in the world, these alleged plotters go about discussing their plots openly, seemingly clueless about the forces arrayed against them:
9/11 threat: Jude Kenan Mohammad on FBI 10 Most wanted list for anniversary plot | Mail Online: "This is believed to be one of the men counter terrorism chiefs say are plotting a terrorist attack in America on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11.

An image of American-born 22-year-old Jude Kenan Mohammad has been posted on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.

He has been linked to what officials have called a credible but unconfirmed al-Qaeda threat to set off a car bomb on bridges or tunnels in New York City or Washington.

The Wall Street Journal reported Mohammad is among three al-Qaeda leaders that investigators believe pose a particular threat because they have lived in the U.S."
quick, get the wheelbarrows! we're going to need all the stacks of $100 bills we can to the security industry, so they can keep us safe! this latest suspect may have a firecracker stuck up his ass, and be ready to detonate it at any moment!

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