Thursday, September 22, 2011

GOP to Warren Buffett: we are hypocrites

the GOP wants warren buffet to submit to more than an airport patdown -- they wanna stick a hand way up his ass:

GOP to Warren Buffett: Show us your tax returns - Political Hotsheet - CBS News: "Now that President Obama has named an economic proposal after billionaire investor Warren Buffett, some Republicans are demanding evidence that Buffett's personal economic record actually represents "the gold standard" they believe it should.
"If he's going to be the gold standard, so to speak, in terms of what our tax policy should be, yeah, let's look at it [Buffet's tax returns]," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Tex., in a Thursday interview with ABC News."

ever since saint ronald of raygun, we've always believed and repeated the mantra that the mission of every good republican is the get the government off our backs.

isn't it ironic that in the case of warren buffett's tax returns, these professional politicians want to make sure that we all bend over and present our junk to their scrutiny?

there may be some like anthony weiner who wish to present their attributes to their facebook friends and other interested observers -- like johnny boner and the gang (i notice john cornyn is from texas, so maybe they do it that way in texas) -- want and deeply need to inspect warren's privates.

as far as i'm concerned, if the guy's not running for office, then we should leave the level of self-disclosure to one's personal discretion -- not to these invasive, nosy politicians.

if cornhole johnny wants to, though, i bet he can get the IRS to rat out mr. buffett, and expose his tax returns. it would be a return to good old republican values -- richard nixon style.

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