Monday, September 26, 2011

cancer scare -- we might be able to afford care?

getting sick has got to be everyone's worst nightmare -- particularly in this most advanced, compassionate society we find ourselves in here the the USA, USA! so imagine the surprise when i read the following:
Rising cost of cancer sparks talk of crisis - HealthPop - CBS News: "(CBS) Will the high costs of treating cancer bankrupt the world's economies?

A new report says more people are getting cancer than ever before. And while cancer-care may be more advanced than ever, it's also more expensive - and that suggests some countries may not be unable to afford it."
an editing error, of course. if we're not unable to afford it, we must be able to afford it, right?

the fact that we spend a third of our healthcare dollars on administrative overhead, advertising and profit for the insurance industry, and get no better outcomes while spending twice what other first-world countries do, suggests that we should be able to afford better than what's available here.

even after "reform", however, things will continue to deteriorate rather than improve, because we're afflicted by that dreaded corporate profit sickness. healthcare, after all, is not a right but a financial transaction!

we get medical care to make someone rich, and only incidentally for that other thing...

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