Monday, September 19, 2011

what have "the rich" done for you lately?

the hubbub emanating today from the media machine is all about obama's reputed "plan" to tax the rich -- in an appeal to the democratic party "base":
WRAPUP 1-Obama deficit plan aimed at Democratic base | Reuters: "WASHINGTON, Sept 19 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will lay out a plan on Monday to cut the U.S. deficit that will raise taxes on the rich, striking a populist tone to motivate his Democratic Party base before the November 2012 election.

Obama will vow to veto any cuts proposed for the government-run Medicare health program for the elderly unless Congress agrees to lift taxes on companies and the wealthy.

His plan, which has little chance of getting through Congress in one piece, sets up the congressional and presidential elections as an ideological battle over taxes and spending.

With opinion polls showing most Americans disillusioned with his economic leadership, winning re-election may hinge on his success in painting Republicans as the party of the rich."
the pros' deconstruction of what it all means renders it all as a competition between the left and the right, when no such real division exists within the US political establishment. instead, there is oligarchy light and oligarchy dark.

obama has always represented the oligarchy light flavor, which is the eastern establishment of wall street and big money -- what used to be called liberal republicans, while johnny boner and the dark oligarchy is the machine controlled by the koch brothers and their ilk, the southern and mountain west resource hogs.

most everyone by now has caught on that obama campaigns one way and governs another. there may be a few who are excited by this sudden change of heart, but it's not really a change of substance -- just the rhetoric he's using to sell the same cuts to social programs that have been at the heart of his program. we'll see this driven to its logical conclusion -- regardless of what the message seems to be today.

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