Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GOP win lights a fire -- will it burn the house down?

the media vultures are having a feast over the GOP's victory in the race to replace disgraced rep. anthony weiner, who twitter-bombed his way to infamy with revealing photos of himself posted to online twits. now, the newly elected bob turner waxes expansively on the meaning of his electoral triumph:
Will GOP win in N.Y. have impact on Obama, Democrats?: "Republican Bob Turner says his surprise victory last night in a special election for Congress will resonate next year as his party tries to defeat President Obama. But Democrats and their allies vow Turner's upset win in New York won't have any resonance.

Turner, a retired cable TV executive, defeated state Assemblyman David Weprin in New York's 9th District, a Democratic enclave centered in Brooklyn and Queens. Turner made issues of Obama's handling of the economy and the president's support for Israel's 1967 borders as the basis for a future Palestinian state.

"This message will resound for a whole year," Turner is quoted as saying in the New York Daily News. "We've lit one candle today and it'll be a bonfire.""
as it behooves a gasbag from corporate america, there is rejoicing as it step-by-step dismantles the republic and replaces it with an oligarchic construct that empowers corporations over people.

meanwhile, the voters, as is their habit, simply punish the current party in power, regardless of its larger policy agenda, and hence punishes the very same people who authored the current malaise. there's no secret here: the average person in the US is a dysfunctional robotic couch potato that reacts to unpleasantness in amoeba-like fashion.

when the candle becomes a full-fledged firestorm, the voters will have to haul ass for the exits, only to find them all barred from the outside. welcome to sweatshop USA, dickheads!

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