Friday, September 2, 2011

WikiLeaks press "partners" craven opportunists

bill keller is a beastly fellow, one who bowed to the commands of the bush administration when it came to revealing warrantless wiretapping, and showing once again in his dealings with wikileaks how craven and opportunistic his crappy newspaper fraternity is:

WikiLeaks Assange wanted U.S. cables released months ago | Reuters: "In an email to Reuters, New York Times executive editor Bill Keller said: "We've never kidded ourselves that we had any control over the behavior of WikiLeaks, and we have taken pains to keep the relationship arm's-length."

Keller added: "I think the news media organizations involved were heartened that WikiLeaks gradually, grudgingly seemed to take our example and acknowledge the value of holding back some information that could put innocent people at risk. It's sad that -- whether out of a craving for attention, or an absolutist doctrine of 'transparency,' or some more malign motive, I can't judge -- WikiLeaks has decided on this irresponsible course.""
as written here previously, most of these "sources" who needed protection are merely CIA collaborators and sellouts, who for their 40 pieces of silver were more than willing to collude with the great satan against the people of their nations.

anyone who confuses the US' motives with altruism is seriously lacking in intellectual perspicacity -- the US has proved on innumerable occasions that its sole motivation and goal is the control and exploitation of vulnerable and strategically important nations and peoples. those both in the press and in the collaborator movement are complicit in the crimes of the evil empire.

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