Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obama says 'no shortcut’ to Israeli-Palestinian peace - just a dead end

obama crawled to the UN today to deceive and distract a world grown impatient with the US government's failure to live up to its ideals, instead coddling fanatics and butchers in the interest of political expediency and corporate profits.

when it came to the palestinians' plan to seek recognition as a state by petitioning the captive world body in new york, obama's rhetorical formulation was an extension of the ludicrous "road map" metaphor. there's freeway to peace between the israelis and palestinians:
Obama tells U.N. he sees ‘no shortcut’ to Israeli-Palestinian peace - The Washington Post: UNITED NATIONS — President Obama on Wednesday hailed the popular revolutions that have transformed the political landscape of the Middle East and urged Israeli and Palestinian leaders to revive talks toward a difficult peace.

In the third address of his presidency to the U.N. General Assembly, Obama acknowledged that he is frustrated by lack of progress on Israeli-Palestinian peace, but he stressed that there is “no shortcut” to ending the conflict, and he called for understanding of each side’s “legitimate aspirations.”"
why must the politicians always bore us to death with their unimaginative and totally inadequate explanation for why the immovable forces of the status quo always line up in the face of genuine progress?

what obama should have said is that there is no peace because the peace process as mediated by the US is a dead end. it's a failure because the israelis have no reason to deal, since they've captured the political process in DC and have so rigged the game that the prospect of yielding on any issue is completely laughable. why give a shit when you have your big, strong and stupid enforcer backing you up, ensuring that you get your way regardless?

the US aspires to "greatness" -- but only in its own mind. this is why the nation almost never lives up to its founding ideals. obama goes through a laundry list of regimes that just don't cut it in the justice and human rights department, except when it's one of our "partners" who's doing it -- in which case the road to justice is impassable, and detours interminably before going absolutely nowhere.

this nowhere is no utopia for the palestinians, who must defer justice until the world is no longer dominated by big, strong and stupid. then, perhaps, legitimacy will again have some meaning besides "what i say goes."

either that, or the megalomaniacs will kill us all, in the name of peace...

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