Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Palestinians face blackmail, extortion and must not relent

the establishment media here in the west is putting the word out: the palestinians must toe the line and accept the status quo, as dictated by the US, in order to qualify for the preferential treatment they receive from the benevolent americans:
Palestinians face mounting pressure to drop UN statehood bid | World news | The Guardian: "Efforts to persuade the Palestinians to change tack before next week's UN meeting on the creation of a state of Palestine accelerated this week with a series of high-level delegations sweeping through Jerusalem and Ramallah aiming to avert a diplomatic collision in New York.

The US envoys David Hale and Dennis Ross, the European foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, and the Middle East Quartet envoy Tony Blair were all due to meet Palestinian and Israeli leaders. Barack Obama piled on the pressure, describing the Palestinian push for recognition at the UN general assembly as "counterproductive".

Israel was also making last-minute efforts to persuade undeclared countries not to vote for a Palestinian resolution, amid threats to tear up previous agreements, impose financial penalties and annexe West Bank settlements if the Palestinians go ahead."
when the reaction from the US is this emphatic and indeed desperate, then it makes it all the more urgent that the palestinians run as fast as they can in the opposite direction!

the US is urging national suicide on the part of the palestinians, since the US government tail is subservient to the israeli dog politically. the dog is rabid, and US politicians jump up in lockstep to honor the madman netenyahu as he spits in the face of all civilized norms in pursuit of a "greater israel" that dispossesses entire peoples from their homelands for nothing more than a promise of something better sometime later.

fat chance. let the palestinians demand justice now!

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