Friday, September 2, 2011

obama to constituents: die fuckers!

for the sake of business support for his anemic "jobs" proposals, obama has taken the wide, easy path to destruction by gutting EPA anti-smog regulations:

BBC News - Obama scraps tighter smog rules: "US President Barack Obama has scrapped proposals to tighten rules on air pollution.

He ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to shelve plans to reduce concentrations of ozone - one of the main contributors to smog.

Mr Obama said he was pulling the measure as part of a government effort to reduce regulatory burdens and uncertainty as the economy struggles.

Business groups and Republican politicians welcomed the decision.

But environmentalists condemned the move."
i'm sure he'd love to support the environment, but the enviroment doesn't make campaign contributions. besides, what would capitalism be if not a system that externalizes costs? if there's a price to be paid, it will be borne not by the profiteers, but the inhabitants of the planet who don't even partake in the profits.

chalk another win up to the oligarchs, whose control over the government and regulatory apparatus is complete -- their wish is our wimpy president's command. no favor too big or too small for him not to give it up on his bended knees.

to put the outcome succinctly, how about this:

Gene Karpinski, the president of the League of Conservation Voters, said: "The Obama administration is caving to big polluters at the expense of protecting the air we breathe.

"This is a huge win for corporate polluters and huge loss for public health."

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