Thursday, September 29, 2011

alabama immigration law reflects spirit of america

as is standard in these kinds of racist and nationalist laws, the true believers in the tea party who want to stamp out illegal immigrants characterize those seeking work as parasites, who come only to suck the blood of white people:

Alabama to enforce strict immigration laws - CBS News: "Zan Green, a tea party activist in metro Birmingham, said she was happy with the decision, saying citizens of foreign countries have benefited for years through welfare, entitlements, education, medical care and child tax credits."

i once listened to a guy at a convenience store in louisa county, va., ranting in the parking lot about unspecified people obtaining benefits that hard-working people such as himself were denied.

it's the same as the "welfare queen" who served as the scapegoat in ronald reagan's campaign back in 1980 -- here are the undeserving, living a life of privilege and luxury while ordinary working people suffer.

the final solution is elimination...

there's just one problem in this gospel of resentment preached by the GOP: kicking people further down the ladder isn't bringing joe sixpack up a rung, it's just a palliative for his bruised ego.

being white used to mean something in this country -- or so some legislators and voters in alabama and other like-minded places think in the defective historical narrative they've created.

what they don't realize -- or have convinced themselves despite the facts -- is that the people who are supposedly living the high life on the public dime are more unemployed, poorer, sicker and worse off by every other measure. to say that someone who was rolled into the emergency room on death's door is enjoying taxpayer-provided "healthcare" is stretching the common understanding of those words so as to be totally unrecognizable.

what can alabamans expect from their draconian new laws? for one, there won't be enough low-wage, exploitable labor to do the jobs that other people don't want and won't take -- and that will diminish the state's economy as businesses go elsewhere to find workers they can exploit. if a rising tide lifts all boats, this tide will be going out...

mainly, however, it will not bring relief to taxpayers or benefit the citizens when they find that punishing others just for spite doesn't lower their taxes or provide any other economic benefits to morons who don't have enough sense but to take their own frustrations on the weaker and less fortunate.

if you want relief from high unemployment and stagnant wages, as well as all the other manifestations of a declining living standard in the US, look to the people your GOP and democrap legislators serve -- follow the money as it goes out of your pocket and into those with the resources to rig the game in their favor.

i absolutely guarantee that at the end of that trail, there won't be an illegal immigrant in sight -- except maybe tending the well-manicured lawn on someone's posh country estate.

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