Monday, September 12, 2011

Egypt's dictatorship is alive and well

after all the hoopla that led to the removal of the dictator mubarak in egypt, there was much triumphant chest thumping by pro-democracy forces there and around the world. mubarak went on trial and all seemed to be on track for promised elections and the rest.

after some dangerous political activity, however, all that is rapidly receding from view. the smashing of the israeli embassy has awakened the military rulers to the threat of "instability," which is shorthand for appeasing the western powers (read, USA). hence, we read the following:
Egypt activists condemn revival of emergency law | Reuters: "(Reuters) - Egyptian activists and politicians accused the ruling military leaders of breaking a promise to end emergency law, after authorities said they would reintroduce special security courts following an attack on the Israeli embassy.

Eight months after protesters toppled President Hosni Mubarak and the military took power on an interim basis, many supporters of the protest movement say they are concerned that the military rulers are backsliding on reform pledges.

Ending emergency law, seen as a tool of Mubarak's repression, has long been a key demand."
it was a beautiful moment, friends! the entire movement known as "arab spring" was a beautiful moment, a time when the arab street began to rise up and express its true aspirations for freedom and representative governments.

some of that may have gotten a little out of hand, but what can one expect from societies that have been thwarted for decades by toadies of the US empire, who put the lid on any kind of true expression of national sentiments. after being bottled up for generations, how can one not expect fury to boil over from time to time?

and the israelis, for their part, have done nothing to placate the masses -- who are sick of seeing the injustices they subject peoples under their domination and do it with impunity. is it any wonder that the lid placed on the popular mood would blow off eventually?

thus it ends, and thus it begins: a new chapter in the miserable existence of the subject people of the arab lands.

sorry, guys.

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