Monday, September 5, 2011

Obama previews jobs speech, as no one takes him seriously

one has to wonder why the president has waited until now to make a little bit of noise about the jobs situation in the US. those who've been out of work, or have happened to notice that the country has no more jobs than it did in 2000, will be wondering where obama's advisers have been all this time:

Obama previews jobs speech, challenges Republicans | Reuters: "(Reuters) - President Barack Obama previewed proposals on Monday for new infrastructure spending and an extension of payroll tax cuts as part of a major jobs package he will unveil this week, and challenged Republicans to find common ground with him.

Obama used a Labor Day rally with cheering union workers in economically hard-hit Detroit to set a combative tone before his nationally televised speech to Congress on Thursday, signaling he is ready to confront Republicans over their resistance to his agenda.

"We're going to see if congressional Republicans can put country before party," Obama told a campaign-style gathering of about 13,000 in a General Motors parking lot. "Show us what you got. The time for Washington games is over. The time for action is now.""
to be perfectly honest, however, ever since the administration's response to the great collapse in 2008 became known, with its pallid stimulus program that was split between actual stimulus and tax cuts for republicans, economists knew and have been writing that employment probably wouldn't start growing again until 2016!

you read that right. in 2009 they were saying that absent anything to stimulate consumer spending, and powering the demand side of the economy, would leave us dead in the water til mid-decade. this was not a secret -- we just never heard the GOP making it their priority. instead the nation was sold the premise that our #1 national priority had to be lowering the deficit.

so here we are, and the economy is running exactly as predicted. without the demand that evaporated when the housing bubble imploded, there is no economic activity to fuel growth. the nation, with obama at the helm, as chosen to suffer. this was a choice that was made, and now we're living with it.

and without a concerted effort to stop jobs from being off-shored by the same corporate overlords who pay for our politicians' campaigns, we never will have a recovery worthy of the name, or jobs that provide a living wage. in short, our future is bleak.

don't believe obama or his GOP antagonists. neither side wants to boost up the working people of this country. they are perfectly content to sell you out while talking out of both sides of their mouths. that is all you can count on, sorry to say.

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