Thursday, September 8, 2011

fuck ken cuccinelli and his TP stooges

the AG here in virginia is on the front lines of the crusade against the US' first negro president. kenny boy cuccinelli has the TP eating out of his hand as he takes his mix of god, guns and government out on a road trip to constipational hell.

today, his signature initiative, to nullify "obamacare", was handed a setback by the US court of appeals, who threw out a challenge to the individual mandate:

Court tosses Virginia challenge to healthcare law | Reuters: "(Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court handed President Barack Obama a victory for his signature healthcare law on Thursday, ruling against challenges by the state of Virginia and others seeking to invalidate the law as unconstitutional.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturned a lower court judge who had ruled the federal government could not compel people to buy health insurance or face paying a penalty. This is known as the individual mandate and takes effect in 2014."
the individual mandate stinks, of course. the whole "reform" law is a joke, but it's not for the reasons the TP opposes it. no, their sole reason is that the law is seen as a "victory" for obama, to whom they have such intense animus that anything seen as a "win" in his column is bitterly resented.

obama is a bad nigger, in other words.

the reality is, this obamacare is a mitt romney, heritage foundation-type program which was crafted and supported by the health insurance industry and big pharma. the individual mandate is a dog because it forces people to buy a crappy product with no cost controls -- a huge giveaway to private businesses.

healthcare desperately needs to be reformed -- but reformed for real. the so-called "public option" was ruled out from the start by the obama administration, since industry would brook no competition, and obama was glad to oblige his big corporate donors. the whole law needs to be scrapped and we need to take another shot at getting it right, but the TP's way is not the way.

they are so blinded by their blind hatred of one man that they can't see how they're cutting their own throats to spite the guy they hate. matt taibbi over at rolling stone has got those TP clowns figured out, and their some of the most voracious suckers at the federal teat that exist, only when they do it it isn't a government social program. in their case, they deserve it.

well, they'll get what they deserve, i'm afraid, and be sorry when they realize what it is. it's just nice to see them as they get worked into a lather over this legal setback. watch the blogs and rightwing radio for their interpretation: obama has usurped power and now controls the federal courts! it's a coup, i tell you!

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