Friday, September 23, 2011

gov't even owns what falls out of the sky

it's bad enough that NASA has this dead hulk of a satellite falling back to earth -- and it's anybody's guess who might get nailed by the debris. how much liability do you think they will accept for death or destruction it causes? well, there's this:

Falling Satellite Slows Down, Earth Strike Delayed - ABC News: ""Keep in mind that we have bits of debris re-entering the atmosphere every single day," Matney said in brief remarks broadcast on NASA TV.

In any case, finders definitely aren't keepers.

Any surviving wreckage belongs to NASA, and it is against the law to keep or sell even the smallest piece. There are no toxic chemicals on board, but sharp edges could be dangerous, so the space agency is warning the public to keep hands off and call police."

son of a bitch! if this thing comes down and blows your house to smithereens, you can't even hang on to the evidence! they'll haul that junk away and you'll never hear from 'em again!

this just proves what we know about the government generally: you just can't trust 'em. they and their cronies can cause any kind of death and destruction and not be held to account, but as soon as you want to hang onto the evidence of their recklessness or negligence, they're ready to invoke state secrets privilege so as to squelch any criticism or discussion. there's tons of examples -- think about it!

hey NASA, if you care so much about your fucking junk, why don't you go and get it before it flattens some poor peasants' village?

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