Thursday, September 15, 2011

like blue-green light in the sky, palin is a trick

it's almost astronomical! sarah palin is the subject of a naughty, tell-all bio by joe mcginniss. he writes a searing tale of hypocrisy and salaciousness that is as captivating as colored lights streaking across the night sky. let's give these scurrilous allegations all the exposure we possibly can, while we can:
Sarah Palin's husband Todd rips Joe McGinniss' book, claims pol used cocaine, had sex with Glen Rice: "The National Enquirer reported Wednesday that the book details how Alaska's most famous hockey mom smoked pot with a college professor, snorted cocaine off an oil drum and cheated on Todd with his business partner in the mid-'90s.

The tell-all went as far to allege Sarah had a one night stand with Rice in 1987, who was then a University of Michigan junior.

McGinniss defended his book on NBC's "Today," calling Sarah an "utter fraud" and a "10th grade mean girl."

When asked how he substantiated the claim that both Todd and Sarah used cocaine, the author said, "You talk to somebody that snorted it with her. And you talk to many of Todd's friends who describe him as being at the end of the straw frequently in his youth.""
normally, i wouldn't give a flying fuck who sarah palin diddled, but this is about a marketing sensation. palin exists to promote an illusory image of herself, and that, in turn, promotes a constipated view of reality peddled to the entranced viewers of murdoch media properties. whether it be in "her" books, wall street journal op-eds, FOX news anal-sys, sarah is but a conduit channeling some promotional item or agenda for her handlers -- and who, in turn, books millions of $$$ in return for being the american know-nothing right's favorite billboard.

so write large, joe! and may every huckster and click slick trick get paid by this made-for-exploitation media sensation!

titillation is us!

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