Saturday, September 10, 2011

tony blair, on a tear

one of the slimiest politicians of our times, undoubtedly, is tony blair, formerly bush's poodle and PM of our british cousins. tony shows us how lying is important, but what really matters is never to admit what a fraud you are. now, he waxes glibly over the legacy of 9-11, pretending facts that are a plain as the nose on his face don't exist:
BBC News - Tony Blair denies military action 'radicalised' Muslims: "Tony Blair has denied that military intervention in the Middle East has radicalised Muslims and encouraged them to engage in acts of terrorism.

The former prime minister said the fight against Islamic terrorism would only end "when we defeat the ideology".

And Mr Blair said the death of Osama bin Laden was "immensely important"."
if the death of bin laden was important, how much more important is they day they put this imposter in the dock. why is the ICC concerning itself with the puppets that did the bidding of the likes of blair and bush, when they have the real criminials cavorting openly, in an awful parody of the elder statesman?

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