Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boehner likens business interests to striking union members

johnny boner is at it again, making a renewed pitch for the failed policies of the past in his latest bromide:
Boehner counters Obama jobs pitch with call to 'liberate' economy - "Boehner's speech highlighted the broad approach long advocated by the Republicans and offered no new specific proposals. He made a direct pitch for tax reform -- expressing hope that a joint committee would start the process this fall -- and repeated calls to block new business regulations.

Those efforts, along with deficit reduction, would address the "triple threat" of bad policies keeping businesses on the sidelines, he said.

"Job creators in America basically are on strike," he said. "My message to Washington today on their behalf: this isn't that hard. We need to liberate our economy from the shackles of Washington. Let our economy grow."
in the secret world of johnny boner, the one of backroom deals where the oligarchs make the policies that their minions in politics and the press will then promote, we are treated to this absurdity: fatcats in the proverbial smoke-filled room, like the monopolists of the guilded age before them, now presented as victims -- in the image of striking workers, on a picket line demanding a share of the pie.

these are the same "job creators" that are doing god's work in china and the other countries of the developing world, the titans of multinational corporations who may live in the US but have no allegiance and even less stake in the common weal of the country. already taxed at the lowest rates in generations, and siphoning off an ever-expanding share of the national wealth, johnny boner is selling this new and improved sack of shit, where fewer regulations for these impudent crooks as they suck us dry is the express lane to new-found prosperity.

it's been the same since reagan, and these guys won't stop until the whole edifice comes crashing down. so, in that spirit, i look forward to the day when they finally succeed in imploding the system, and as a reward for their insatiable greed have their heads handed to them.

forget cake. let them eat shit and die!

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