Tuesday, September 6, 2011

texas fire chief rich perry

while rick perry is out gallivanting and posturing in preparation for his coronation as next US president, his home state -- of which he, unlike sarah palin, is still governor -- continues to burn. divine intervention on hold:

Perry: 'Devastating' Texas wildfires out of control - Weather - msnbc.com: "BASTROP, Texas — Calmer winds Tuesday should help firefighters battling a wildfire that has destroyed about 1,000 homes in Central Texas and forced thousands of residents to evacuate to shelters to avoid the blaze, officials said.
But Gov. Rick Perry told NBC's TODAY that the fires were "a long way" from being under control and described the effect on people who had lost their homes as "devastating."
Texas Forest Service spokeswoman Victoria Koenig said it is too early to say how much progress was made fighting the wildfire in Bastrop County overnight, but that there were no winds early Tuesday. The fire enveloped at least 25,000 acres Monday."
c'mon, big rick. show us what you can do. if you can't pray it away, maybe that texas swagger isn't all put-on. you can just piss on it!

you'd do as much to the average person out here who's struggling -- and isn't a campaign contributor in good standing!

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