Friday, September 2, 2011

Turkey Expels Israel’s Ambassador

it's about time somebody registered a small gesture of displeasure at the renegade israeli government:

Turkey Expels Israel’s Ambassador and Cuts Military Ties Over Gaza Flotilla Raid Dispute - "ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey said on Friday that it was downgrading its diplomatic and military ties with Israel and expelling its ambassador in a display of anger at Israel’s refusal to apologize for a commando raid last year on a Turkish protest flotilla bound for Gaza in which nine people died."

yesterday's headlines suggested that the palestinians would suffer reprisals -- including loss of US aid -- if it went so far as to ask the UN for full representation -- real penalties for voicing just grievances.

the flotilla attack, on the other hand, was declared legitimate by the UN in a report, which only chided the zionists disproportionate use of force. a truly cowardly report from a worthless and totally compromised institution, the UN. which nevertheless persists in promoting the pretense of fairness, as if it's the conscience of the world community.

if only...

at least perhaps, one at a time, individual nations will get some backbone and push back against the blatant hypocrisy of the US and its allies in its program to run the world on behalf of its corporate interests and "friends".

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