Wednesday, September 21, 2011

congress going to the mat again

we understand that congress is heading towards another classic imbroglio over federal spending. in order to keep the government running after november, they've got to pass another "spending" bill, but within the bill is a killer provision: do we finance disaster relief through cuts in other programs?

it breaks down thus:
U.S. Lawmakers Headed for Showdown Over Disaster Aid - Businessweek: "“No one’s intending to bring about a government shutdown here,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican, said yesterday. “The country has sort of seen enough of that. The two sides have demonstrated real differences as far as cutting spending is concerned. We’re going to focus on where we can come together.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said yesterday he was “not that sure” a shutdown will be avoided. “We’re not going to cave in on this because it’s a matter of principle,” he said."
to begin with, you can just disregard cantor's assurances that he's looking for common ground. he's always ready to go nuclear, along with the rest of his party. at the same time, the dems are jelly-kneed and spineless, and when push comes to shove -- with obama leading the band -- they always seem to fold, with a flourish that includes conceding more than johnny boner and the boys asked for to begin with.

it's coming to the time where we let the bomb drop, so people out there in TV land can see what nuclear politics is all about. we're way overdue for some authentic, homegrown austerity such as they're experiencing in europe and some of the MENA countries.

cantor and the people he represents are just beating around the bush here. let the chips fall where they may, eric. if these spending cuts and tax cuts are where it's at for you guys, bring 'em on! don't say you aren't about that kind of thing: have the courage of your convictions. when you mean cut social security and medicare, say it like you mean it so the people will understand.

up until now it's all about negroes and mexicans, and shirkers who'd rather collect unemployment than work. we would appreciate it if the GOP would stop playing on peoples' emotions and tell 'em how you really feel about working class people.

when your house gets obliterated by a tornado, message is to fuck yourself and get over it. the nation has other priorties, like subsidizing billionaires, socializing their losses and making us all self-reliant tent dwellers.

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