Thursday, August 11, 2011

silencing the voices of the people

back when the arab spring kicked off with the events in tunisia and egypt, the media was agog over the power of social networks for the forces of positive change against oppressive regimes.

when that same power comes to bear on the western democracies, however, with their abiding and suffocating double standards -- do as we say, not as we do -- then there's all the urgency of a 5-alarm fire to bring this menace to heel.

read the response of the brits, after a run of insurrection by the have-nots has given the oppressors a bad case of rectal heartburn:

BBC News - England riots: Government mulls social media controls: "The government is exploring whether to turn off social networks or stop people texting during times of social unrest.

David Cameron said the intelligence services and the police were exploring whether it was 'right and possible' to cut off those plotting violence.

Texting and Blackberry Messenger are said to have been used by some during this week's riots."

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