Friday, August 26, 2011

look who's been fooling around

now we can see why the crackers of the southern US were so afraid of their women hooking up with the nigras. it turns out the great-great-great-great grandmama have been fooling around for EVER:

DailyTech - Neanderthal Sex Gave Europeans and Asians Stronger Immune Systems: "It turns out that European DNA, like that of Asians and Africans, has traces of archaic hominids mixed in with the familiar Homo sapien-specific stretches.

The sequencing of the Neanderthal genome has led to some incredible discoveries -- among them, that humans were having sex with Neanderthals. A pair of new studies has shown that Neanderthal genes aren't evenly distributed throughout the entire human population -- rather some populations have more or less of them.

while i can't say i'm terribly surprised that the broads back them went for the big, strong and stupid types, this is the first time i ever heard of the denisovans -- who are indigenous to PNG and indonesia. and who knew that the native americans were probably the purest genetic homo sapiens, and that this lack of genetic diversity was what made them so vulnerable to the diseases brought by those filthy europeans.


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