Friday, August 12, 2011

On the front line of the UK insurrection

the telegraph in the UK prints a police-state goon's "blog posts" to humanize these blade-runner monstrosities who are battling the poor on behalf of the oligarchy:

"I have worked every night and every day this week. Since last Saturday, when I was on the streets of Tottenham in north London in the early hours as rioting and looting broke out, through to the early hours of yesterday morning. I have clocked up around 125 hours, too many of them being pelted by stones, petrol bombs and, in one case, in the chaos of it all, by a 4ft ornamental palm tree."

to the people at home who read this an sympathize with the goon squad that's on the front lines against the rampaging mob:

today they're cracking the heads of these poor fuckers who've had enough and aren't going to take any more abuse -- not without striking back.

but they're fighting your fight -- you just don't see it yet. once the full brunt of cuts and austerity start to be felt by you, your families and your neighbors will you realize that they are on the front lines fighting for you!

it's the leadership of the nation that's rotten, and the marginalized and dispossessed who have come to the realization that there's no alternative but revolt!

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