Monday, August 15, 2011

are the norwegians really this clueless

what did they expect breivik to do? point his finger as at a victim, and say, "bang, your're dead!" to demonstrate how he carried out his killing spree?

Norwegian killer simulates massacre: "WEARING a bulletproof vest and a leash held by a guard, Anders Breivik returned to the scenic Norwegian island where he slaughtered 69 people last month, leading police through a simulation of his actions.

For eight hours at the weekend, Breivik showed police how he stalked his victims, at times holding up his arms as if pretending to take aim at fleeing members of a political youth camp who were his targets on the island of Utoeya."

the part about the leash was at least a bit of comic relief, otherwise i can't say i have much in defense of the authorities to say here.

what can they have hoped to learn from this exercise that couldn't be gleaned from physical evidence, and the account of survivors?

that the police were woefully unprepared and caught off-guard is painfully obvious, but will this exercise do anything to remedy the failings in the response?

to come right to the point: what can be done in an event such as this, with a determined, prepared perpetrator determined to cause as much loss of life as possible? can we really prepare against every potential threat? isn't it obvious, if the lethal hardware required to commit such acts is readily available, that we will see the same scenario as va. tech and norway repeated at periodic intervals -- as the price we pay for the various "freedoms" we insist upon?

this breivik dude is bad, bad news. so long as they aren't going to execute him, the most expedient solution to the problem of having him around is to maintain him in a sort of cocoon of isolation where neither he nor his ideology can see the light of day.

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