Monday, August 22, 2011

clueless asshole in Post-Gaddafi Libya

it might as well be time asking the question:

Does Post-Gaddafi Libya Face the Fate of Post-Saddam Iraq? - TIME: Away from the dizzying euphoria on Tripoli's streets, where Libyans have held wild celebrations of the end of Muammar Gaddafi's 42-year rule, there is a specter that hovers over the scene in the minds of many Libyan officials and Western governments — that of another Arab capital: Baghdad.

As opposition officials began to plot the details of a post-Gaddafi Libya during the past few months, there was an overriding sensitivity to the mistakes made in Iraq eight years ago, when the collapse of a dictator paved the way for years of insurgent war far bloodier and costlier than the fight for freedom itself.

if the people in libya think that by deposing khadafi they are somehow bringing themselves freedom, then they deserve what's coming next.

like iraq, they are set to become a vassal state to the western powers that made the removal of their erstwhile leader possible. rather than doing it themselves, they allowed the global banking elites and resource monopolies take over the country by proxy.

the fight to be rid of the old regime will be looked back at as the beginning of libya's long, ugly decline as the manifestos of the IMF are brought to bear on the economy and people of the country.

hey, hey CIA, whose regime did you topple today?

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