Wednesday, August 17, 2011

perry's swagger the perfect antidote to obama's effete snobbery

what do you think? will american voters go for a guy like this?

Will Rick Perry's Texas swagger help or hurt? - Political Hotsheet - CBS News: "The first time you see Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, it hits you immediately: The Texas governor has the swagger of a movie star. It's there in his alpha-male confidence, his Marlboro Man drawl, his propensity for cowboy boots. This is a guy who used one shot with his laser-sighted pistol to take out a coyote that was menacing his dog during a jog last year; at the Iowa state fair Monday, as he 'chomped on meat and a hard-boiled egg and struck rugged poses,' the strong gun rights advocate notably declined to tell Politico's Ben Smith whether he was packing. "

damn skippy, they will. you can ream 'em with a 10-foot red-white-and-blue telephone pole, and they'll eat it up as long as the pitchman seems confident and self-assured -- your traditional cocky asshole american.

it's no wonder the guy just strutted onto the stage on saturday and he's already getting more press than all the other candidates put together.

one thing's certain: you can say goodbye to ron paul. this guy is the establishment's ron-paul killer, a bilderberger with pretensions of being a shit-kicking texas cowboy....

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