Monday, August 29, 2011

who needs polls when we have rick perry?

it's not a suprise, guys:

Rick Perry broadens national lead over Romney, Bachmann, Palin - "Fourteen days after announcing his Republican presidential candidacy, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has expanded his lead in a new national poll, while both Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin slide slightly and Michele Bachmann is in single digits.

A new CNN/ORC International Poll of Republicans out today shows Perry now holds the support of more than one-in-four (27%), up significantly from the 15% he had before his Aug. 13 announcement at the Redstate Gathering of conservative writers in South Carolina.

Romney, who had 17% then, now has 14%. Sarah Palin, who's expected to make her candidacy plans or lack thereof known at an Iowa tea party rally Saturday, has slipped from 12% to 10%."

rick perry is god's punishment of the USA for decades of not taking this politics stuff seriously. we've reached the point where any guy with the "right stuff" in the image department can be turned into president.

it happened last time with obama, and it'll happen this time with perry. it happens every times, frankly. why should it be different this go around?

making decisions regarding complex issues is challenging and requires a lot of work. why spend one's spare time working the old noodle when you could be watching the latest celebrity bloodbath or love-fest?

guys like rick perry stride onto the scene and through the sheer fiction of looking like a slick, used-car salesman, he closes the deal with a backslap and a firm handshake that says, "i'm like you, and i know what you want."

snake oil is easy to go for if you're a consumer fed up with choices (same shit, different packages). you want someone to tell you which product is best so you can lay your money down and go back into a persistent vegetative state.

now that obama has setup the dismantling of the new deal, it will be given to rick perry to finish the work that the democrat started. meanwhile, the size of government and the size of the debt will continue its merciless rise, under the false premise that the politicians are getting the fiscal house in order.

watch the drama play out; pretend you don't notice that the ending never changes...

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