Wednesday, August 17, 2011

State of the Union: Looting Frenzies

you should check out the latest entry on linh dinh's blog, state of the union:

State of the Union: Looting Frenzies: "Our banking system makes money out of nothing, lends us cash that it doesn’t even have, and with Washington as its protector and enforcer, ensures that what we own is worth less and less, while we must work more and more to make payment after unending payment, with compounding interest, penalties, fees and whatever else it feels like tagging on at the end. The Federal Reserve, then, is not an institution with “public purposes and private aspects,” but exactly the opposite. Like our federal government itself, it is a cartel with ruthless, private objectives hidden behind a public fa├žade."

linh dinh is always an entertaining writer, but he's been doing his homework and this time he hits one out of the park! the US way of life is enabled by this wretched creation of the banks called the FED. with it we're profligate, arrogant wastrels. without it, the US might have been a nation that could live up to its ideals. just don't look for it to happen at this late date, and forget rick perry's lame protestations. all these politicians are creatures of the system.

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