Thursday, June 23, 2011

nuclear terrorism or negligence?

the self-serving security apparatus of the national security state never misses an opportunity to piggyback onto any calamity in an effort to replenish the old coffers. consider the latest dispatch from reuters addressing the potential for nuclear terrorism:
"Global action to protect the nuclear industry against possible terrorist attacks is urgently needed, a leading expert said, as are safety steps to prevent any repeat of Japan's Fukushima accident.
'Both al Qaeda and Chechen terrorist groups have repeatedly considered sabotaging nuclear reactors -- and Fukushima provided a compelling example of the scale of terror such an attack might cause,' Matthew Bunn of Harvard University said."
when it comes down to it, who needs terrorism to create a nuclear disaster, when industry, colluding with government through the captured regulatory bodies, is able to cause mass destruction on its own?

terrorists are hardly more adept -- or successful -- as the nuclear industry itself when it comes to putting the lives of millions at risk -- all the the pursuit of profits at the expense of safety.

it's well documented that the industry makes the regulations under which it operates, controlling both the US nuclear regulatory commission and the UN's IAEA. lately there have been revelations that when US nuclear plants failed to meet standards, the NRC obligingly lowered the standards in order to allow aging and unsafe plants to continue operating.

(there's also talk about the US government placing a news blackout on a north dakota nuclear facility that has just undergone a category 4 nuclear event related to the cooling of spent fuel rods.)

nevermind what you see and read in the US about nuclear power -- it's not to be taken at face value. just like the circus that was coverage of the fukushima disaster, everything is sugar-coated in order to put this dangerous and poorly managed technology in the best possible light. if it were truly as sound as we're manipulated to believe, the industry wouldn't be dependent on liability caps written into the law, and would be able to obtain insurance on the open market.

it's not terrorists we have to fear, but industry and corporate-controlled government, which use misdirection to deflect scrutiny from the true treat and unto phantoms which can be spun into ever more diabolic and threatening proportions.

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