Thursday, August 25, 2011

more apple/jobs sycophancy

it's pure agony to read the flapdoodle that the wimpering press hounds are pounding out in tribute to steve jobs and apple. this guy, for example, promotes the apple uber alles narrative thusly:

Jobs's Legacy: 8 Reasons Apple Will Dominate The Decade - Hardware - Macintosh - Informationweek: Steve Jobs may have resigned his position as CEO of Apple, but the company that he built and later revived will remain a driving force in the technology industry for at least the next decade.
Jobs leaves Apple with a foundation, vision, and culture that competitors have yet to match. His legacy is both intangible--as a figure who inspires and commands respect, he is without peer--and material--he leaves behind real corporate assets that will continue to drive Apple's success.
how can anyone propose to divine the shape of things 6 weeks from now, much less in a decade. past is not prologue, except in the most general sense. or as your stock prospectus warns, past success is not guarantee of future results.

on the other hand, with the wet-hankie crew in full lachrymose mode, i suppose such paeans are about par for the course. with no hot new gadgets with zero survival value coursing through the corporate corpus, what else are these guys gonna write about?

save it for later. the next big thing will be bigger and more brilliant than anyone had any right to expect -- and everyone else will be relegated to footnote status.

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