Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first they bomb you and kill you....

and then they say "security is fundamental"...

BBC News - Libya: 'Security fundamental to future': The European Union's Foreign Policy Chief, Baroness Catherine Ashton has said security in Libya is fundamental to the future.

Ms Ashton went on to say that the EU will be providing support to the National Transition Council by helping to provide medical supplies and fuel.

Journalists in Tripoli say rebels have been firing into the air inside the Gaddafi compound in celebration.

The Libyan leader's whereabouts remains unclear, however his son, Saif al-Islam, appeared in Tripoli after rebel claims he had been arrested.

after the blowing the fuck out of tripoli and other choice locations in libya, NATO and it's handmaidens are now so concerned about "security" now that it appears that khadafi and his cohort are on the run.

shades of post-saddam iraq, i suppose, where the US stood by nonchalantly while order broke down completely into an orgy of lootings and generalized chaos. the great powers, with their aerial bombardments using high explosives, are aces and destroying and killing, but not so swift when it comes to the survivors of their onslaught...

the greatest irony of all, however, is that this began as a "humanitarian" mission. if this is humanitarianism, then my ass is a chocolate fountain.

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