Friday, August 19, 2011

McDonnell is another fake-ass foe of "government"

among the hypocrisies of the political right, and especially here in virginia, is the constant railing against the federal government, federal spending, big government. meanwhile, who are usually the fattest hogs at the federal trough? it just so happens that the good 'ol solid south, that bastion of racist pigs, are the most supine when it comes to accepting federal largesse. now, when the tap is about to be turned back a notch, who's running around in abject terror?

McDonnell reports surplus, braces for federal cuts | | Virginia ended this budget year with a $545 million surplus, but rough times are ahead as the federal government looks to cut spending. To cope with those cuts and reassure credit rating agencies of the state's stability, Gov. Bob McDonnell wants to invest a portion of the surplus into a new fund.

take away all the federal goodies that washington pours into the old dominion, and we wouldn't be so full of shit. but with our mega military and security apparatus infrastructure, we really do have it made in virginia. so when it comes to any serious cuts to that gravy train, don't be looking for eric cantor to be out front of the parade with this budgetary ax. it's just ain't happening.

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