Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Has Ron Paul become electable?

it's gotten so serious out there in never-never land that even ron paul seems to be getting the treatment:

Has Ron Paul become electable? - CSMonitor.com: The GOP establishment’s view of Representative Paul, an anti-foreign-intervention pro-gold-standard libertarian, is that he’s a sideshow, and not an amusing one. He is dismissed as someone with a committed core of supporters but little appeal to Republican voters as a whole or the country at large.

Yet in the Gallup survey, among registered voters Paul trails Mr. Obama by only two points – 45 percent to 47 percent. That’s within the poll’s margin of error.
of course it's only click-trolling on the part of the commercial corporate media. at this point, there isn't any point in not running this kind of hooey so as to make even the most long of long-shots appear to be credible contenders.

we're a long way from the actual slugfest to determine nominees, and if the wrong sort were to get to the finish line, then the line would become a rope, and they'd string up the impostor. there's no way ron paul is getting the nomination, but if he ever did you'd see the GOP fall apart like gingerbread.

besides, who is ron paul. he's not who you think, if you're only judging by his more anti-establishment positions on war and civil liberties. in fact, i'd say his attachment to most of these stances is only skin deep. it's most interesting to see how he comes down on reproductive health issues -- where there's apparently a "higher law" than the US constitution. so let us know just where this higher law trumps US law, before we go falling all over ourselves trying to elevate this guy to higher office. it could be he's reached the level of maximum effectiveness already.

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