Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the sliming of wikileaks, assange complete

after being betrayed by his #2, who destroyed a raft of secrets to allegedly protect sources, now this latest blockbuster taking another whack at assange:

Wikileaks suffers a major leak- The Inquirer: "WHISTLEBLOWING WEB SITE Wikileaks has suffered a major setback with a leak of fully unredacted US State Department cables including sources' details surfacing online, thanks to a blunder by its founder, Julian Assange.
The leak occurred sometime after Assange shared the password of an encrypted 'insurance' file stored online with a contact believed to have been trustworthy. This individual then used the password to decrypt the collection of 250,000 US diplomatic cables, which include details that could identify US State Department sources, according to the German newspaper Der Spiegel."

how probable is it that assange would give the encryption key to a trusted person, who then betrayed him? or is it more likely a deliberate act of sabotage against wikileaks by government, who may already have sanitized the docs and now releases what was never secret information to begin with.

just the final nail in the coffin. time for a more kinetic response against the ruling powers to commence.

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