Wednesday, August 17, 2011

teen must have had a bad day at school

if you're like me, you often wanted to do something like this:

Teen charged with planning to blow up Tampa school: "Tampa police arrested an expelled high school student and charged him with planning to blow up Freedom High School on the first day of class next Tuesday.

At a news conference today, Tampa Police Chief Janet Castor described the alleged plot as 'a potential catastrophic event the likes of which this city has never seen.'"

of course, in this day and age, we take all incidents of this nature extremely seriously -- so seriously, in fact, that possession of a firecracker is tantamount to a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of osama obama...

the fact is, the potential for hysteria is far greater than the potential for actual violence in our present society. all it takes is a single hair out of place to ruin someone's entire day.

on the other hand, when you have individuals who are so alienated from their social situation in which they find themselves, the society is long overdue for some serious introspection. instead, it is never even mentioned....

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