Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rick Perry tells the FED, bend over...

after getting some traction with his threats to ben bernanke, rick perry continues to lean on the FED in campaign appearances:

Rick Perry says Fed should “open its books” - The Washington Post: "Bedford Village, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- In one of his first visits to the first-in-the-nation primary state as a presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday morning stuck to his controversial comments that it would be “treasonous” for the Federal Reserve to “print more money” in order to boost the economy.

He also called for the Fed to “open its books” and be completely transparent in its activities."

it's interesting how politicians on both sides of the aisle, up until now, have been as deferential towards the banks, and coughed up TARP and other life-saving expenditures to reanimate the financial sector when it suffered a near-fatal catastrophe in 2008.

now, we're supposed to believe that rick perry is going for the jugular with these rhetorical attacks on the FED -- which is, put quite frankly, not truly a government entity at all, but a stock corporation wholly owned by the banks.

tough talk, maybe, but nobody out here in lala land -- the fantasy world of voters -- really cares about the FED. face it, those are just three letters that have something to do with interest rates, but where it fits into our collective misery is a black hole to the average person.

perry is simply derailing ron paul's campaign, which has gained so much traction that it's made the very powers he threatens nervous. perry is not actually a kindred spirit in attacking the FED, ironically -- he's actually doing battle on its behalf, by neutralizing its greatest threat.

come next october, we won't be hearing a peep about the FED or any other of this nonsense. when it's head-to-head perry versus obama, we'll have another "are you better off than you were 4 years ago," debate performance which will seal the deal with the american people.

there you'll find the FED and their bankster allies shit-faced with joy over how superbly they played the public for suckers yet again...

heads i win, tails you lose!

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