Friday, August 12, 2011

obama's healthcare blow-off

federal appeals court in atlanta has "dealt a blow" to the so-called obamacare healthcare reform bill. it ruled the individual mandate unconstitutional.

"(Reuters) - An appeals court dealt a blow to President Barack Obama's healthcare law on Friday, leaving a mark on constitutional law, the healthcare industry, U.S. politics and U.S. states."

this is just another blow by the GOP and the TP against obama the man, since the entire healthcare "reform" debacle was just warmed-over heritage foundation, romney-ist, corporate welfare.

the anti-obama political establishment -- which is a real movement, in spite of assertions by some writers that there is only one political party in the USA -- is determined to use the president's race as a tool to consolidate power. i'm not sure this isn't why obama was allowed to win in 2008, as it has made the republican resurgence more potent than it ever would have seemed possible back in 2006...

if the so-called obamacare is ultimately thrown out by the supreme court, it'll be on the way to establishing some even more reactionary political dogma in the style of citizens united -- which eviscerated all limits on political campaign contributions by plutocratic interests.

the healthcare racket in the USA is one of the most corrupt and savage excesses of the rampaging marketeers' assault on the working poor and just plain busted people of this country. it's bloated, inefficient and sucks the lifeblood out of the body politic. twice as expensive with no better outcomes than other places, and we call ourselves the greatest country in the world.

if obama had really been fighting for the people who voted for him, we'd have seen a real push for medicare for all, single-payer, and not the current predatory system we have now. but leave it to the corporate interests to rig a system that compels everyone to buy their crummy products as the price for shitty medical care. what emerges after the court finishes with healthcare reform is going to be an even more despotic, demonic system than what we have now.

when the GOP puts their name on the plan, the unconstitutional tyranny of obamacare will get a new, sweet-smelling makeover that masks even more exploitation and corporate power.

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