Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama's Gallup numbers point to 2012 blowout

here's a train wreck in the making:

Obama's Gallup numbers show 12 states in play in 2012 - "Twelve states constitute the likely battlegrounds for the 2012 election, based on Gallup’s state-by-state ratings of President Obama’s approval level.

The ratings, which aggregate Gallup polling done from January through June, came out just as Gallup was releasing its latest tracking poll showing Obama’s approval nationwide at 39%, the lowest in his presidency."

obama, the empty shell who became what everyone imagined him to be in order to win 2008, has become the pinata that is going to get bashed to bits in 2012.

so much for sucking the big ding-dong of your wall street masters, chump! they'll abandon him in droves, and leave him twisting in the wind.

they used him to setup the next phase in their campaign to impose their plutocratic, market-subservient, corporate state on the vestiges of the republic. perry will be the guy who finishes what they started with dubya.

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