Thursday, August 25, 2011

Republican says Obama's health care law will survive

this is the first assessment of the healthcare reform bill (obamacare) by a republican that's level headed and rational. since the GOP is so invested in obama's failure, they can't look at anything that bears the obama stamp with anything less than 100 percent scorn:

Republican says Obama's health care law will survive: "Former Senate Republican leader Bill Frist, a heart surgeon, says the health care overhaul signed by President Obama last year won't be repealed.

That's not what Republicans in Congress want to hear."

it's not a long article, and well worth reading. frist thinks the individual mandate to purchase insurance is unconstitutional, but that the reforms can survive without it.

his assessment is that the changes it brings are 70 percent good and 30 percent bad -- which is heresy for the GOP and it's rabid, race-hating followers.

this is not to say that the "reforms" that the bill brings are a step forward for the country. it's another corporate bonanza, where healthcare quality crumbles while profits rise like a pyramid in a sprawling wasteland.

why not single payer? why not medicare for all? why not something -- anything -- that puts people ahead of profits? healthcare could be a win-win, but instead our system(s) are biased towards an outcome where there must be more losers than winners.

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