Monday, August 15, 2011

so ghadafi is close to done... so what?

the media now sets the stage for the coming end to ghadafi's regime:

Libyan rebels enter oil town where decisive battle may yet be fought | World news | The Guardian: "Thirty-miles west of Tripoli, the one major asset that Muammar Gaddafi cannot afford to lose is starting to slip from his grasp for the second time.

The oil refinery in the town of Zawiya has been a holy grail for Libya's rebels since the start of the civil war. They took control of the town once in March, but were violently driven out by Gaddafi's army, which knew that losing it meant probably defeat in the long run. Now, with what seems to be a sizable rebel force again inside Zawiya, a decisive battle in the western-backed Libyan campaign looms."

it's hard to feel much sympathy for a guy who's been so vilified in the western press for so long. yet who among us, who've been fed this steady diet of anti-regime propaganda, can call ourselves uninterested observers of the events there?

we do know that the "rebels" have been vetted by the west's intelligence services, and declared to be worthy of our unreserved support. they have even established a central bank to talk with our central banks -- something the gaddafi regime would not do.

when it comes down to it, when the west has succeeded in removing the current libyan regime, we'll have merely replaced one thug with other, more compliant ones. the aspirations of the libyan people, meanwhile, have not and will not be addressed in the midst of the brouhaha -- and it was ever thus!

bring on the stooges!

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