Monday, August 15, 2011

governor good hair: our next president

all one has to do is digest the tone of the coverage of this newcomer to the GOP presidential race to conclude that he's already being groomed by the media as our next president:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry gets more scrutiny as GOP hopeful: "'Governor Good Hair' has turned out to be one of Texas' most successful politicians. Just ask Democrat John Sharp, a friend of Perry's since their days at Texas A&M, who lost to Perry in the 1998 lieutenant governor's race.

'Running against Perry is like running against God. Everything breaks his way! Either he's the luckiest guy in the world or the Lord is taking care of him,' Sharp told Texas Monthly."

this is how it starts, and when it starts this way it ends as it did with dubya in the WH. the national love affair with obama has run its course, and he's about to be consigned to the dustbin of political one-hit wonders. he can retire to the links, corporate boards and rich speaking engagements.

perry, on the other hand, is the one the autocrats who pay for the charade has chosen to carry the US to the next stop in its winning race to the bottom among 1st world countries. it's an shell of seething racial and class resentments herded into a factory farm existence of poverty and ignorance, all the while lorded over by inhabitants of a plutopia of opulence and abundance.

perry is the good-looking used-car salesman, TV preacher, pitchman of the snake oil solutions that salve the wounded feelings of the oppressed while leaving them ravished and sucked dry at the end of the trail of tears.

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