Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tampa Bomb Plot -- a plot against freedom

society is full of malcontents, kids that just don't fit in and can't figure out how to deal with their problems. after watching an excessive amount of tube, you end up with a guy like this:

Tampa Bomb Plot Teen's Friend: He Was 'Just Venting' - ABC News: A Florida 17-year-old charged with plotting to kill school officials and students with bombs was "just venting anger" and would never have gone through with the attack, a friend of his claims.

Jared Cano wrote a manifesto that detailed his plans for an attack starting at 5 a.m. next Tuesday, the first day of classes at Freedom High School in Tampa, Fla., the school Cano was expelled from in March 2010. The unnamed friend was at the home of Cano when he was arrested on Tuesday.

"He wouldn't go and do something like that. He'd say he's going to in the heat of the moment but that's his way of venting, I guess," Cano's friend told ABC Action News in Tampa. "I think he was just venting anger on a piece of paper."

i think so, too. i think he would've woken up on tuesday morning, smoked a blunt and then gone to play some more video games. commit mass murder against his alma mater, FREEDOM high school? nah, i just don't think guys like him are that motivated.

but the cops, on the other hand, sure are. it's a government program they can believe in. homeland security, which is just job security for the internal security services. take a look at 'em next time there's a standoff in your neighborhood. you'll see them in their full military gear, riding in armored personnel carriers, and for all the world looking like the jackbooted thugs in brazil...

a job program for america -- fighting americans!

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