Friday, August 12, 2011

faith, love and charity

score one for intolerance:

"The Fox News Facebook page got over 8,000 death threats posted on its wall after the Communications Director for the American Atheists, Blair Scott, appeared on the network’s “America Live” discussing the group’s lawsuit hoping to stop the erection of a crucifix at the World Trade Center Memorial.

The admins of Fox’s Facebook page worked furiously to delete the hateful posts, but not before the atheist blogger behind One Man’s Blog managed to capture screenshots..."

i recall reading how facebook wouldn't allow a pro-palestinian page, as it was against the TOS for terrorist-linked groups to post on their red-white-and-blue site. what a load of unmitigated crap.

that's at least one reason you'll never find me on facebook...

as for the atheists, if it didn't feel so much like joining a club, i'd call myself a member. not that i'm not prone to daft conversations with "god" -- but at least i know that i'm only talking to myself...

these anti-muslims and their "holy ground" arguments about the former site of the WTC are just about all a rational person can stand. they are nothing but willing stooges of the state propaganda machine, that uses the threat of islam and terror in order to justify its imperial domination of the globe's energy resources. it's all political, and they're all puppets.

if god and jesus exist, why do they tolerate this kind of sorry spectacle? they don't, so it's on 11, baby...

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