Thursday, August 11, 2011

beating a dead horse, redux

not satisfied at creating a national media feeding frenzy and sparking up the hypocritical outrage of people who don't give a fuck about a living child but obsess endless about a dead one, here's some more kicking of casey anthony by our good friends in the prison-industrial complex:

"Nearly a month after Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter, Florida officials have blamed Caylee Marie's death on her mother's failure to protect her, according to a report released today."

without making any judgement at all as to casey anthony's actions, her acquittal ought to be the signal for the mob to move along to its next victim. justice as spectacle and entertainment is about as wretch- and gag-inducing as is the smell of a three-day dead dog in the middle of the road.

enough, already. how many children did you kill in afghanistan, libya and somalia today, fuckheads?

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